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Reach on out
embrace what you're seeing
Fill up with color, 
and lots of play
Share your heart, 
and watch what you're saying
Protect yourself
 and open wide

Seedlings Sprout
Clay-caked boots
and ginger roots,
rest by the door, 
by overalls, and long dark halls, 
that rise from the floor
Little girls, with shiny curls
comb their dolls' hair
they don't have to worry
about things that aren't there

Calico Curtains
So I drove across the county
and took in the bounty
of railroad elation
for my aught-five relations
As NPR changed
to all hell and damnation
I glimpsed a small slice
of our diverse nation...

Even Hills in Missouri Are Flat
she used to shine
when she first left home
worked at the five and dime
counting out sweet calico
She took her time
and drank some wine
and let the stories flow
She sang a fine
and honey rhyme
and laughter filled her soul

Now those flower children's children
are all grown
And those flower children's children
are making a West of their own
With green roofs, 
and chickens in the side yard
music everywhere, 
blueberries in the front yard

Wild West
I like to dance, you know
with Mason jar lights low
but how to pay the rent
with a sweet and lovely little fantasy

Butcher Boy
A couple goats you know, 
a dozen seeds to sow, 
and Mabel's hand-knit socks...
it's not like I don't get it.
A couple children though
and it's a whole new show:
if you don't get with the plan,
surely you will soon forget it,
surely you will soon regret it.

Butcher Boy